HBIT Platform?

create a network that connects as many banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and other regulated financial institutions as possible, across the globe in order to provide users with a One Stop Service for all their asset-management needs

Financial Passport

Once setting up a HBT account, users will have created their financial passport, which will be recognized across all the financial institutions and service providers that have integrated with the HBT network.

Fast execution

HBT will process any type of transaction within seconds, whether it’s fiat to fiat, or fiat to crypto, or crypto to fiat, or any type of transaction.

Global Compliance

HBT is working with leading legal and accounting firms to map the regulatory regimes and is working closely with local banks and financial institutions to ensure full compliance in each of the targeted regions.

Future of Banking & Wealth Management

The influence of FinTech on banking and wealth management is significant and its prospects are even brighter.

- Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity because of their decentralised nature.

- Transactions in cryptocurrencies are much faster and safer than using debit and credit cards for online payments.

- Crypto-based technology makes identity theft a thing of the past have also contributed to their growing popularity.



Korea development company, co. Ltd.

Total issue volume

Total issue volume 4,800,000,000 HBT

Sales Type

Ethereum ERC-20 token

Means of public sale participation